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Hello there! I’m Logan, a Chuck E. Cheese fan out to make a difference. To be more precise, my goal is to take down CEC 2.0. If you are unfamiliar with “CEC 2.0,” let me explain. “CEC 2.0” or “Chuck E Cheese 2.0” is what was said in a interview with the corporate of CEC entertainment to be the “the next generation of fun.” But that’s the opposite of what the #savechuckecheese effort is predicting it will be! From the locations that have got 2.0’d, we can report that there have been no happy campers! They have been replacing the classic Chuck E. Cheese animatronics with a dance floor or even a lame tv! So join the effort to AT LEAST keep the animatronics for our childhoods sake!


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my petition email is listed here: savechuckecheese4@gmail.com